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High Relief & Ultra High Relief Coins

High Relief & Ultra High Relief Coins

High relief coins are three-dimensional compared to standard coins. Their images extend beyond the outer edge. Whereas ultra-high relief coins take this a step even further, with images rising even higher. This elevation enhances the detail visible and palpable in the image, giving the coins a medallion-like feel. These exceptionally beautiful coins are rare and carry a premium that goes above and beyond their intrinsic value.

History Of High Relief Coins

The history of high relief and ultra-high relief coins traces back to ancient Greece, where coins were struck by hand, emphasizing their artistic quality. Despite advancements in minting methods allowing for more uniform designs and stackable coins, high relief coins maintained their allure. President Theodore Roosevelt admired the high relief effect and advocated for its incorporation into modern minting. His initiative led to the production of the first Ultra High Relief Double Eagle coin in 1907, designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens. However, due to the difficulty in striking, only a few of these coins were produced.

How High Relief Coins are Made

High relief coins undergo multiple strikes using specially crafted dies to achieve the desired effect. These additional strikes enhance the depth of the coin's design and impart a deeper, more radiant lustre, ensuring that every intricate detail shines brilliantly. Advances in modern technology have simplified this process, facilitating the creation of superior dies and more robust, deeper strikes.

Similar to proof coins, high relief coins experience minimal human handling, with handlers required to wear gloves at all times. Additionally, these coins are not bundled into mint bags with other coins, eliminating the risk of contact marks and preserving their mint condition.

What do these Coins Look Like?

The prominent feature of high relief and ultra high relief coins is their raised design, which creates a three-dimensional appearance. The main distinctions between high relief and ultra high relief coins are in how they are struck and the height of their designs, with ultra high relief coins taking it a step further.

For silver and gold stackers, there's an interesting aspect to high relief and ultra high relief coins: they can't be stacked. Unlike most minted coins that stack neatly, high relief coins present a challenge due to their raised designs. Attempting to stack two of these coins results in instability, as the design extends significantly beyond the coin's edge.

For collectors interested in adding high-relief coins to their collection, the Sprott Money Collectibles offers a variety of options to explore.

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