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2023 Shaolin Kung Fu Dragon Martial Arts Styles 2 oz Antique Finish Silver Coin


Dragon is an inherent part of Chinese culture and a source of inspiration for Shaolin Kung Fu. Mastering the Dragon fighting style gives you devastating internal power. With it, you become truly invincible.

The silver coin conveys the symbolism of body elasticity as a glorious image of the mythical creature. Containing Swarovski crystal insets, the brilliant shimmer mesmerises its observer and fills them with ancient Chinese wisdom.

Let the ancient philosophy of Kung Fu Dragon coin remind you to be flexible, overcome your adversaries, and gain wisdom.

Mintage: 500 Only

Country: Niue

Face Value: 5 dollars

Metal Purity: 999

Coin Weight: 62.2 g

Diameter: 45 mm

  • SHAOLIN KUNG FU DRAGON COIN: Immerse yourself in the world of martial arts and Chinese culture with the Shaolin Kung Fu Dragon Martial Arts Styles Silver Coin from Niue.
  • POWERFUL SYMBOLISM: The dragon, an integral part of Chinese culture, serves as a symbol of inspiration for Shaolin Kung Fu, representing strength, power, and wisdom.
  • MASTERING THE DRAGON STYLE: This coin celebrates the art of mastering the Dragon fighting style, known for bestowing devastating internal power, making its bearer truly invincible.
  • ARTISTIC DESIGN: The silver coin beautifully conveys the essence of body elasticity and agility through an impressive portrayal of the mythical dragon.
  • SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL INSETS: This coin contains Swarovski crystal insets, adding a brilliant shimmer that captivates the observer and imparts a sense of ancient Chinese wisdom.
  • COLLECTOR’S GEM: With its unique design and rich symbolism, this coin is a gem for collectors and martial arts enthusiasts.
  • LIMITED MINTAGE: The limited mintage of 500 only enhances its rarity and desirability among collectors.
  • INSPIRE WISDOM AND FLEXIBILITY: The ancient philosophy of Kung Fu Dragon embodied in this coin serves as a reminder to be flexible, overcome adversaries, and gain wisdom in the face of life's challenges.

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